Log Shower Curtain Rod and Support Brackets Set (Honey Brown)

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5.30 LBS
  • log shower curtain rod & brackets
  • Aspen log
  • Honey Brown

We use Aspen Logs to create Support Brackets for our Shower Curtain Rod. The Brackets are 6" high x 3 to 4" wide. The Rod is made from clear Poplar wood for strength. The Rod is 57-1/2" long and has a diameter of 1-1/8". The set is stained Honey Brown. We have applied a water resistant finish to protect the wood. Using a good quality paste wax when needed will keep your Curtain Rod Set looking new for many years of use.

All of our Aspen Log line is produced from logs that have reached Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). That means it is stable and will not continue to change (the checking or cracking) in a controlled environment like the inside your home.

Accessories not included ~ Contact us with any questions