Log Cabin Bathroom Accessory Set - 3 Piece (Clear Finish)

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Set includes:

  1. Hand Towel Rack 11"
  2. Bath Towel Rack 24"
  3. Toilet Paper Holder

The 24” Towel Rack or Towel Bar is made from Colorado Aspen logs, except for the rod which is made from Hickory.  Each end of the rack has a backplate made from a cross-section of Aspen log showing the beautiful growth rings.  The rack measures approximately 28" L  x  4" H  x  4" D.  The holes for securing the rack to the wall are 24" on center.

Hand Towel Rack has arm for holding hand towel mounted on a backplate with a natural edge.  You can mount it with the open end on the right or the left.  The rack measures 11” in length.  The width of the backplate varies from 4” to 5”.    Useable space for the hand towel is approximately 8”.  

Our Rustic Log Toilet Paper Holder is made from Aspen wood.  We use two small log pieces to hold the roller to an Aspen board with a natural edge.  The holder measures approximately 8" L  x  4" H  x  4" D.

Holes are pre-drilled to make installation easy.  Finishing buttons are provided to cover holes.

We spray a clear finish on this piece so you can see the rich colors that are natural in Aspen.  We harvest from dead-standing Colorado Aspen trees to get logs that have their own unique character with natural checking, worm holes, and other distress caused by nature.  All of our Aspen Log line is produced from logs that have reached Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). That means it is stable and will not continue to change (the checking or cracking) in a controlled environment like the inside your home.

These are stock photos.  Yours will be just as beautiful guaranteed.

Accessories not included