Countertop Log Hand Towel Holder (Espresso)

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2.50 LBS
  • log hand towel rack
  • sits on counter top
  • Espresso stain
Countertop Log Hand Towel Rack is open on one end. The rack is made entirely of Colorado Aspen logs. The base is 11” long. Approximate height is 16” and approximate width is 4”. We have to approximate the size because every log is a unique size and shape. The one consistent measurement we use is for the vertical post because that determines enough height for the towel so that it hangs without falling on the base or the counter below. If you have a specific size requirement or restriction, please let us know.

All of our Aspen Log line is produced from logs that have reached Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). That means it is stable and will not continue to change (the checking or cracking) in a controlled environment like the inside your home.

We spray an Espresso stain and clear finish on this piece. We harvest from dead-standing Colorado Aspen trees to get logs that have their own unique character with natural checking, worm holes, and other distress caused by nature. This is a stock photo. Yours will be just as beautiful guaranteed.

Towel not included.