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We make quality wood furniture for your rustic log cabin, lodge, cottage, and wherever you call home.

We are Randy Rasmussen and Linda Gail, the owners of Rasmussen Furniture and Accessories, Inc.  We are dedicated to building quality wood furniture and accessories.  Our business began in 1989, making custom furniture.  We specialized in Country Cupboards, using the best materials available, designs we love, and finishes that beg to be touched.


Being from Colorado, we've been asked a lot to build log furniture.  We thought about how much fun it would be to help Mother Nature by cleaning up the forest using dead-standing Aspen trees which are in abundance here in Colorado.  In 2008 Rustic Log Decor started with our Unfinished Log Shelf Brackets.


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You can see more of our original Rasmussen designs at www.rasmussenfurniture.com.


What does a dead-standing Aspen tree look like?


See photo to the left.

 This tree has been dead for quite a while, long enough to dry sufficiently for the bark to pull away from the wood on its own.  With a little wind or gentle push this tree will fall to the ground.    We use dead-standing trees to make our Aspen Log furniture and accessories.  We harvest from dead-standing Colorado Aspen trees to get logs that have their own unique character with natural checking, worm holes and other distress caused by nature.  These designs will look great in your log cabin, rustic lodge or cottage home; or put personality and charm into a contemporary space.

 live Aspen tree in Winter...

So, what does a live Aspen tree look like in the fall after the leaves have fallen?  You can see in the photo to the right and the photo below left.

In the photo to the right, you can better see the beautiful white bark of the Aspen tree.  It is very easy to see the difference between live Aspen and dead-standing Aspen, even in the winter.  In the spring and summer, it is even easier.  If it's live, it will have green leaves.

The photo bottom left was made with the camera pointing to the sky to show the absence of leaves.    You can see that the bark is white and looks very different than the bark of the dead-standing tree above.

The stacked Aspen logs in the photo to the bottom right are dry, ready to be used.  What can't be used for furniture and accessories can be used for firewood.  Nothing gets wasted.


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